Why china is best so advanced in science finance? Because the first thing they did when it came to reading was to slowly Why china is best translate or compile all the textbooks into Chinese. Why is Japan so advanced in science finance? Japan has done exactly the same thing as China or China like Japan. Why did Korea advance so fast in science finance? The answer is very simple. Korea, like Japan and China, has written all their school, college and university textbooks in their mother tongue. Korean children study in their mother tongue at school, college and university.

In all European countries except England, the medium of instruction in schools, colleges and universities is in their respective mother tongues. No country in the world Why china is best? can be found that they have improved their knowledge, science and economy by studying in the language of another country. Not even an example. Because it is not simply possible !!
There is no substitute for reading in one’s mother tongue if one wants to truly understand reading. Did we do that? We have not started it till today but we have started the English version of Bengali medium. That means we are moving in the opposite direction. We must learn foreign languages ​​but not in exchange for our mother tongue. Mother tongue before. Why china is best? Who will build the country if the children of export quality are made and exported by teaching through English?
It has been 50 years since the country became independent but our policy makers have not understood this yet. Satyen Bose, the most proud treasure of Dhaka University, Why china is best? has said this long ago. Our Aaron Sir has always said this. He also wrote many books on physics in Bengal. That is, he has turned the word of mouth into action. Do you know Irony? Bangladesh is the only country that has agitated for mother tongue. He saved the mother tongue in exchange for blood and life. Mother tongue is neglected in that country today.