The real story is nothing.
To put it bluntly, many of our mainstream media and administration officials are one and the same … *** 🙂 And our common people, in a word, dance to the news in public.

This “eighth grade” student who went viral on Facebook has created a search engine! And for this he has been given a grant of “2 lakh rupees” by the administration..and our mainstream media “Samay TV” has made it headline – ‘made a search engine and made a surprise’ as an “eighth grade” student! 😱
First of all let me say that my minimum positivity towards this boy is not working because this boy is lying. What he has actually done is very little work and a basic website that anyone can create in a matter of hours.
In fact, this guy did not create any search engine. He created a search engine-like homepage using Just Basic HTML, CSS using Google’s “Search Engine API” (the code of which can be found instantly by Google) and that’s what he’s promoting, saying he created a search engine!
Anyone using Google’s search engine API can create such a search engine in a matter of hours. It’s not really a search engine. Basically, what this site does is, whatever you search in its search box, it searches on Google and shows the search results of Google in front of you. That’s it!
The problem is not that he is lying by creating such a site. The problem is: –
(01) Why is this news published in our mainstream media like this? Wasn’t there a guy in the media to check what this guy actually did or to understand! Is it really like putting shelves here? Why is this little thing being promoted like this?
Is it because the headline “Eighth graders set up search engines” is very catchy, colorful? More to eat in public …? If so, what do you call your own media? You are the undoubted butcher.
(02) There is nothing to say to the administration concerned আগে before giving a grant of Rs 2 lakh to this boy, did no one feel the need to know or verify at once what they are giving the money for? Was there no one to verify? Or have they, like Time TV, been influenced by glamorous headlines in the mainstream media?

Now let’s come, this boy has been given a grant, everyone is applauding, the boy has gone viral, can I be bursting at the seams? … I am actually bursting for a few reasons.
First of all, I will never blame this boy. At such a young age, he will do small experiments with such API, modify with readymade code, this is normal. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
But the problem is actually lies. The bigger problem is the fuss about something flashy and a lot of interest; Which is why in this society, those who work in the real sense and those who really work hard to create something, those who deserve to be truly deserving, never really get the evaluation they deserve.
Think, “A small original search engine has been created in the country with the help of a few grow-up developers and programmers or a company.” It sounds a lot less flashy than the news that “eighth grade students created a search engine and surprised everyone”. 🙂
It seems to the public that this is something that a company can make! Then there will be no more call charm ..
As a result, the team or company that worked so hard doesn’t really get any evaluation for their work. Because it’s not glamorous in our mainstream media, they don’t promote it, the news doesn’t go viral, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by our administration. Or even if the administration does not give importance to it, because where is the publicity? Where is the public leap? 🙂
That is why the original search engine like ‘Pipilika’ does not get rice in our country.
As a technology-loving person, these events hurt me a lot, brother. It hurts when I see that people don’t give the slightest support to good deeds, they don’t talk about them.
However, flashy news or spicy headlines make the social media tremble and the ineligible get what they deserve …

The people in charge of the mainstream media and administration should be much more responsible and competent. How long will the country last by memorizing biblical knowledge? And we the public .. Blind father / Badna father / 6 year old child or 2 feet of the lord jumping on the waz has merged in the DNA of our nation. Let’s get out of it. I talk to those who are qualified, I give them the minimum support .. I stop jumping without understanding anything glamorous. 🙂