Ted Nugent letter to Joe Biden saying the n word The wreck that President Joe Biden acquired from previous President Donald Trump is portrayed on the new front of Time.

The first page of the magazine’s Feb. 1/8 twofold issue shows Biden contemplatively watching out of the destroyed Oval Office’s window, which has all the earmarks of being encircled by flares.

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Spray painting is scribbled on a blind and the Resolute Desk, itself shrouded in archives and cheap food containers.

A phone lies drowsily on the floor, close to one of Trump’s unmistakable red “Make America Great Again” covers and a bullhorn.

Tim O’Brien’s delineation is named, “The very first moment.” Ted Nugent letter to Joe Biden saying the n word

“For as long as a few days, subsequent to contemplating where we are as a country, what simply occurred in Washington, and what Joe Biden faces as he takes the workplace of President, I was working on a piece that is currently on the front of the new issue of Time Magazine,” O’Brien tweeted of the piece Thursday.

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O’Brien’s craft graced the distribution’s first page on numerous events all through Trump’s administration, getting down on the one-term president’s cataclysmic treatment of the Covid pandemic and different outrages: