Initiatives have been taken to distribute special grants in the revenue budget of 2020-2021 among various schools, colleges, teachers and students. Grants will be provided through the Department of Secondary and Higher Education under the Ministry of Education. For this purpose, online application will start from next February to get money from educational institutions and teachers.

The application will start on February 1 and will continue till February 28. A notification has been issued by the Secondary and Higher Education Department informing about this information.

In the meantime, a policy has been issued to distribute special grants among various schools, colleges, teachers and students for the fiscal year 2020-2021. According to this policy, teachers and students have to apply for special grant money.

Students of public and private MPO enrolled and non-MPO educational institutions will be able to apply for special grants for treatment of incurable diseases, accidental accidents and medical expenses. In this case, students from disabled, helpless, indigent and meritorious, backward communities will get priority.

In addition, special grants can be applied for the repair and renovation of all recognized or MPO registered private educational institutions in the country, manufacture of furniture, purchase of sports equipment, library development and making the institution student friendly. However, in case of selection, indigent educational institutions of backward areas will get priority.

And the teaching staff of private schools and colleges can apply for permission for incurable disease or accident.

To get the grant money, the head of the educational institution, teaching staff or students have to apply online from the website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education ( between 1st February and 18th February. You have been asked to apply online by clicking on the ‘Application Form for Financial Grants for Educational Institutions, Teachers-Staff and Students’.

In case of school-college students to get the grant, the certificate of the head of the institution and the head of the department of the university students have to be attached in the application. In case of application in teacher-employee category, application should be made by attaching medical certificate and proof of accident. And in case of application for grant for educational institution, the certification of the managing committee has to be attached.

Allocations for teacher-staff and student grants will be sent through mobile banking. And in the case of educational institutions, the allocated money will be sent to the bank account.