No job, no shortage of skilled people. “A gentleman who owns many industries called me and said in a reprimanding tone, ‘Do you write about everything? You don’t write about the number one problem in the country.’
I laughed and said, “What’s the number one problem?”
‘Listen, Mr. Mashiul, I need some people in my organization. I will pay a salary of one lakh, one and a half lakh rupees. I have been advertising in newspapers for two months, but I am not getting people. ‘
‘What did you say? Millions of highly educated unemployed children are roaming the country, and you are not getting people to pay that much? ‘
‘No, I really can’t. When it comes to giving interviews, youngsters who have passed Honors-Masters come to give interviews, but do not know anything. He is doing Masters in English from Dhaka University, he can’t write English by correcting two sentences. Speaking of IQ level will seem so low! No one in the world does research. “
The above article is the first line of Mashiul Alam’s article published in Prothom Alo on January 7, 2019 under the headline “No job, no shortage of skilled people”. Has the situation improved or worsened? These are the lines I have been writing about the quality of education in Bangladesh. As if this is a clear testament to it. The status I posted this morning also reflects the plight of our education. The Global Knowledge Index was released a few days ago and reported that in the Knowledge Index we are at the bottom of South Asia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and even Nepal.
Many foreigners are now taking high-paying jobs. And graduates from universities in my country are not getting jobs for their low quality education. The number of certificate holders is not lacking. There is also a lack of universities
water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink! Certificate certificate everywhere, nor any certificate holder to employ!
How? The government wants our children to be the guardians of their power. They want teacher-students to just team up, jiggle their names and get a certificate at the end of the day No job, no shortage of skilled people. Diameter! Became educated. A proper system of distribution of certificates has been made all over Bangladesh. Honors Masters has been opened in almost every college in the village, whether there is infrastructure or not, whether there is a teacher or not. The school has also arranged for students to be organized so that they can be brainwashed in their twenties. Even then these leaders are patriots.
Many tell me, “You just talk negative. You just criticize.” No job, no shortage of skilled people Yes I do. Knowing such a bad situation, will we see our own interests as agreed, applauded, applauded, applauded?