Never Have I ever wants to watch again. if you want to watch Never Have I ever then you can join with interview the main fact of life.

I have big crush on this series hahah,i’m not a big fan of netflix,but this series,with TEOTFW are my favorites.I just like the chemistry between Devi with her friends.And the school vibes…Never Have I everah i love it,I was on quarantine while watching this,and dude it felt like i were in school and watching students socializing each other.That Trent guy…We have that boy in our school,and i like his jokes hahah(ok ignore this).

I can feel everything that Devi feels,so IT’S SOOOO RELATABLE SO BAAAD. Never Have I ever After watching dis series,my study mood boosts suddenly Never Have I ever, maybe because Never Have I ever Devi is also a bright student in her school,and is such a confident girl. I def luv that Model UN scene.

Her mom has no different with my mom lol✨But this also makes me love this series,watching Devi’s reaction about her mom’s order.It’s like ✨watching✨ myself in daily.

I love the ending also,it’s like what I expected before,Thank God ahhhhh😭😭😭

This series has so many morals,such like :

1.Mom always wants the best for her children
2.There’s nothing precious,than your family.
3.Be kind and smart,with those 2 weapons,we’ll be success,and liked by our surroundings.
4.Don’t be so shy to even say sorry,or saying “Yes,I love you”
5.Be confident,explore your talents.
6.Enjoy your time as a teenager
7.Don’t be so obsessed with everything,especially love.
8.Love finds its way Never Have I ever
9.Respect your parents,make em proud
10.Our Life-Partner is as same as us.If you’re a kind person,smart,and humble,your partner would be like that too.

Okay,I think it’s enough.Idk but this afternoon,i can’t think well.Idk it’s like all stuck in ma head.That’s why my english isn’t really good to write.Idk what happened to me aaaah😭😭😭ok byeee✨enjoy binge watching this series ok!! Never Have I ever

Oh god, how many times I’ve cried seeing this show. First of all, never binged a show that fasts before! As a south Indian, someone who rarely gets represented in media, seeing a photocopy version of me made me so happy! The little things in the show, like Devi’s mom’s wedding necklace, the same one my mom wears every day. Sure, the cast isn’t 100% Tamilian, but the way they accurately portray a Cali ABCD (American-born Confused Desi) is astounding. I not only related to every thought running in my head, but Devi is a representation of who I want to be. My favorite part hands down were when she said the one thing she prayed for the most was her mother saying

“I’m Proud of You”, the one thing I’ve never heard from my tough love mother. I just wanted to thank Mindy Kaling for making me feel special and represented in today’s media. The last time I saw an Indian episode was in The Office, the Diwali episode where the center of attention was mostly on Micheal, and it was still the most inclusive episode I’ve seen. When I told my (mostly white) friend group about this show, they were genuinely confused about why I was so excited, but when I explained to them that for someone who’s only character representation was Kelly Kapoor (The Office) or Baljeet (Phineas and Ferb) or Ravi (Jessie), characters mainly based off of stereotype, this show is a blessing. I’ve actually started praying more because of it, so thank you, Mindy Kaling, for my small dream come true!