Lover man takes small mistakes for perfect relationship. People consider themselves the safest to whom he can make a mistake by closing his eyes without hesitation. He is a man who never takes his small mistakes for granted. He who does not have the right to make mistakes can never be a close person.
The person who is perfect in assignments, exams or interviews, even if the slightest letter is perfect, can write the wrong spelling letter to his loved ones and send it right without any hesitation. Because he knows that the man on the other side will read the words not wrapped in his misspelled words, but the words wrapped in love. Love is hidden in the kiss, not purity.
The man who leaves the office with his shoes on one side, his clothes on the other, or a wet towel in the corner of the drawer at the end of the shower, he knows very well that someone will fix his messy annoying bad habits again, happily correcting them. Someone would fold his clothes and put them in the closet, Lover man takes small mistakes for perfect relationship put his shoes on the floor, and dry the wet towel on the porch. Who can not be random, he is the man of the mind again, how?
This hesitation is called trust, reliance, confidence.
This freedom to make mistakes at will is called safe haven.
He who cannot be wronged without hesitation is never a dear person. He is either the boss of the office or the examiner of the interview board.
One cannot remain indifferent to any kind of purity-impurity in front of which, whatever else he may be, cannot be kept in mind.
To find the love in a person’s heart, he has to look into the eye in which he forgives his child’s childhood mistakes with a smile. She can’t look into those two eyes, she doesn’t love him; Nothing. Lover man takes small mistakes for perfect relationship.
He who cannot easily accept my mistakes does not deserve my accuracy.
He who cannot love my faults does not have the right to love me. He is none of mine, none at all.
People have to love all their mistakes and limitations.
Kiss my ink-soaked eyes, sun-burnt lips, if you really are dear! There are many people who draw me to the perfect; Really pulls me, how many say that?
Can accept me as I am, Lover man takes small mistakes for perfect relationship. I just call him dear! Who can’t find the melody in my dissonant voice, how will he find me!
Let me tell you, the touch of love can take a person far above all mistakes, can give a lot of courage and strength to a person with a little side. People live like kings, not in purity, but in love.