Let’s see how ants eat profit powder.
We have repeatedly proved how patriotic the common people of Bangladesh are. It proved again.
Much has been learned about the purchase of local red sugar through social media against the conspiracy not to pay the sugar mill workers on the pretext of not selling the red sugar produced in their own country.
First of all, almost everyone in the country knows how healthy red sugar is and how harmful white sugar or ‘white poison’ is for health. (I think this knowledge is also very important.)
Since people know this, most people want to buy red sugar. But the biggest obstacle to buying red sugar is unavailability in the market. People from all over the country have contacted me since my last post, the only complaint everyone has is that this red sugar is nowhere to be found! But we were told the opposite, that the sugar produced in the country is not sold, so the sugar mill will be closed! What a horror!
Basically there is a kind of dishonest business-bureaucrat syndicate in this country. Due to which no institution of the country can survive. Because of these, the peasant-workers do not get a fair price for their produce.
Sugarcane farmers are producing sugarcane, workers are producing sugar from sugarcane. But those whose post-production work, the bureaucracy put on the heads of the workers; They are looting money once they buy sugarcane and taking bribes from sugar importers by creating artificial crisis by not marketing the produced sugar properly. Which is called ‘profit ants are eating ants’.
Secondly, not taking any effective policy of the government to sustain the domestic industries. One of the reasons for this is that the influential trade syndicates within the government are all traders. They themselves do not produce anything. They make a profit by selling things on the other side. So their overall policy is not productive either.
Thirdly, not to modernize the domestic industries and factories. As a result, in many cases, the cost of production also increases. The reason is basically the same. As there is no production oriented policy, the influential trading trade syndicate wants the domestic industries to be shut down.
I firmly believe that most of the people in Bangladesh are very patriotic people. It is possible to use it as a force for the development of domestic industry. All that is needed is the right policy and effective strategy and leadership.
I will tell the government to get rid of the thought of closing down the sugar mills. Make red sugar produced in the country readily available across the country. If the people of this country want, we can buy all the red sugar in the market in one day. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.
But we don’t want ‘profit powder and ants’ dust’. In the interest of the country, box the ants for at least 10/20 years.

Written: Dr. Imran H Sarker