One group of Trump supporters entered the “Capitol” unhindered. Where American lawmakers were standing and debating at that very moment.
We saw firsthand – suddenly hundreds of Trump supporters entered the house without any obstruction. Took possession of the whole house. Even the minority leader – Nancy Polosi broke into the office and broke everything!
Now the question is

  • Was this the only thing a Black American could do?
    Just think – hundreds of black Americans are marching in processions trying to enter the US Parliament building and entering without any restrictions.
    Or would they have been shot as soon as they got to the front of the building?
    Some filthy, dirty and vulgar Black Americans want to occupy the Parliament building, whatever they are shot at; Saying this, the police standing in front might have fired immediately.
    Hundreds of proud Trump supporters took over the house last night. Not only that, with teeth coming out and smiling as you go; We have seen that scene too.
    None of them were even arrested. Many have returned home unharmed.
    I’m just trying to imagine the scene – if there were some “black life matter” supporters tomorrow in place of Trump supporters; What would have been the situation then?
    I am surprised to think that the colonial period has ended long ago. But a group of people are getting thousands of benefits on this planet just because of their skin color.
    We consider them wise. We consider them talented. We consider them civilized! We don’t have to – White means polite, polite and wise!
    Because you know that?
    The answer is – “Coloniality of Power!”
    What we learn, what we know; The narratives that are taught to us – where do they actually come from?
    Some white people are telling us – it’s good, it’s bad. At the same time, it also says that nothing can be questioned against any of these.
    We also accept that.
    Let me give just one example.
    Bangladesh is a hot main country. During summer and monsoon, the temperature in our country is always above 30 degrees.
    Why do we have to wear coat-pants-tie to look decent at this temperature?
    Who taught us- coat-pants-tie doesn’t look formal without reading! Don’t feel civilized?
    Should we wear these dresses and walk around in this temperature?
    So, who taught us this? Why don’t we ask this question?
    Because some white people from thousands of miles away have told us – it’s good, it’s bad. It can be done, it cannot be done.
    We have also accepted that.
    The colonial rulers left long ago. But colonization has not yet gone.
    It will be a shining example of what happened in America last night.
    A group of Trump supporters has taken over the house without any restraint and everyone has seen it. Because these supporters are white and they believe that white people are the best!