Here are some helpful tips from a doctor for free for your favorite druggist brothers:
(1) Brothers, please do not mistake my prescription for your account. How many medicines did you sell, how many did you leave? Please don’t make it into a dustbin by doing all these calculations on my prescription.
(2) Restrain your pen. Do not confuse the patient by ticking the side of unnecessary medicine. Because, the next time I tick off some medications, the patient will fall into unnecessary confusion because of your scars.
(3) Khamaka shall not be inclined to make the slightest use of his own extraordinary brain as to which medicine has been prescribed for which disease. A doctor prescribes medicine with sufficient knowledge about which medicines can be used for which diseases. We also know that metformin is a diabetes medication. But you don’t know in which cases it can be used without it. So, do not frighten the patient by applying your nectar on the patient unnecessarily.
(4) It is my personal matter whether I will prescribe any company’s medicine or not. It is up to you to decide which is more expensive and which is less expensive. But it is not your personal business to sow the seeds of suspicion in the patient that I have prescribed cheap / expensive company medicine. So keep your face under control along with the pen.
(5) Suppress the indomitable desire to make the patient angry with me by giving priority to the price of medicine. Remember, the importance of illness is more important to us than the price of medicine.
(6) Even if you do not have any medicine, please do not make fabricated comments in front of the patient saying that I have prescribed medicine out of the market.
(6) Refrain from the unauthorized practice of researching my prescriptions.
(6) If you can’t read my handwriting, leave this business and go into the rice business without rescuing my fourteen.
(9) Stop giving the same medicine from another company or another medicine of your choice to the patient instead of the medicine written in my prescription because you do not have it in your store.
(10) Be aware of your own limitations before handwriting notes on my prescription.
(11) If you do not understand the rules of taking the medicine given in my prescription, send the patient back to me. Do not unnecessarily teach the patient the rules of use and push the patient towards more risks.
(12) Please do not show the courage to memorize my prescription and apply it on other patients in the gap of selling medicine. This has the potential to be counterproductive.
(13) I should not dare to dissect my degree. Explaining the detailed forms of degrees like MBBS, FCPS, MS, MCPS, MRCP, MRCOG, etc., where your teeth will be broken, you are infinitely daring to lift them on the scales. Not desirable.
(14) Do not come in front of me and try to show your knowledge. It is inevitable that at any moment the loose mask of one’s own knowledge will be unveiled and stripped naked.
(15) Unless the patient is instructed to discontinue the medication before the time specified in my prescription. When I start the medication, keep the discretion to stop.
(18) Measure the pressure of all patients and stop declaring low-pressure like a parrot. And yes, if you take high blood pressure medication, your blood pressure will be normal, we know that you don’t have that normal IQ, you should also know today. So don’t be foolish enough to stop the pressure medication just because the pressure has returned to normal. Because, just by turning it off, the patient’s pressure can increase and any accident can happen at any moment.
(17) Stop considering saline as a great medicine for all diseases, and refrain from spreading this knowledge among the patients. Patients with chest pain like this are not exempt from your saline therapy. What you don’t know is that if that patient has a heart problem, the saline you are pusting can cause him or her to die quickly.
(17) You do not have the knowledge that the same symptoms indicate multiple diseases. So don’t try in vain to apply it to all patients with a symptom just because you have memorized the medicine. For example, if you are a bleeding patient, you try to stop the bleeding with methamphetamine or Traxil. Or if you see a little water accumulation in the body, LASIK Maria. You do not know in which cases the medicine donated to you in these vessels can bring great danger.
(19) Stop applying your medical knowledge to pregnant women. Because, under your extra knowledge, two souls may face impending danger at any time.
(20) Lastly, do your business. Let me do mine. Unnecessarily pick up my loose feathers and put them on your tail and stop trying in vain to decorate the peacock