Find out the meaning of G, E, 2G, 3G, H, 4G signals visible on cellphone internet signal bar
Very few people now use the phone just to talk. Most of the mobile phones have now become smart devices by using all the modern technologies in making handsets. As a result, we call these phones smartphones.
An important feature of modern handsets is that they allow access to the Internet. The speed of mobile internet varies from country to country. A country’s mobile internet speed depends on how advanced the country’s telecommunications system is.
You may have noticed a difference in internet speed when using the internet with a handset. When the data connection of the phone is on, according to the internet speed, several symbols like G, E, 2G, 3G, H, 4G can be seen at the top of the screen. Have you ever wondered what these signals might mean?

G means in case of mobile signal

The letter G is shown on our phone to mean GPRS. The full form of GPRS is ‘General Packet Radio Service’. If you see this icon next to the network bar on the screen, you will understand that the internet speed is now the lowest. In other words, it will take a long time to do anything through the internet. However, at this speed, it is possible to send a text message instantly using an application like WhatsApp.
GPRS is considered as a second generation mobile technology. As a result, this technology is also referred to as 2G. GPRS is currently the oldest and slowest signal in mobile internet technology. When using the internet in this technology, the data rate is usually from 56 to a maximum of 114 kilobits per second.

Meaning of E in case of mobile signal

The letter E stands for EDGE. EDGE stands for Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution. Many also call this signal Enhanced GPRS. This technology has been developed between 2G and 3G. So this technology is also known as 2.5G or 2.75G.
EDGE speeds up faster than GPRS. However, EDGE works much slower when it comes to internet browsing. If the letter E is next to the phone’s signal bar, any website will take a long time to load. When using the internet with this technology, the data rate is usually up to 400 kilobits per second. However, depending on the surrounding conditions, the Internet can be used at speeds of up to 1 megabit per second.

3G means in case of mobile signal

In mobile telephone technology, the third generation is called 3G. 3G has been developed according to GSM standards. This technology works through ‘Universal Mobile Telecommunication System’.
Typically 3G technology has a data transfer rate of up to 364 kilobits per second on average. However, depending on the network, 3G technology can be used in many ways. In that case, it is possible to run the internet at a data rate of up to a maximum of 42 megabits per second through 3G. That is to say, the speed of 3G is much higher than that of EDGE. As a result, it is possible to quickly browse the website or listen to music through streaming through 3G network.

H means in case of mobile signal

The letter H stands for HSPA. The full form of HSPA, ‘High-Speed ​​Packet Access’. This technology is considered to be a relatively advanced type of 3G. This is because HSPA has a slightly higher data transfer rate than Basic 3G.
With HSPA, data rates can reach 14 megabits per second for downlinks and 5.6 megabits per second for uplinks on mobile devices.
High Speed ​​Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA for short) is an improved version of HSPA. HSDPA can reach a maximum download speed of 99.3 MB per second.
If you see the letter H next to the network bar of the phone, you can easily stream music or YouTube videos. However, this technology will work slowly again in the case of downloading movies or large files.

H + means in case of mobile signal

H + is a more advanced type of HSPA. Its speed is faster than basic HSPA. As a result, browsing or streaming as well as download speeds are available.
4G technology has not yet reached many parts of the world. In those places HSPA + is the fastest internet technology.

WCDMA means in case of mobile signal

WCDMA is a type of 3G technology. The full form of WCDMA is ‘Wide-Band Code-Division Multiple Access’. WCDMA mainly uses GSM system. This technology uses CDMA’s air interface to increase data transmission speeds. WCDMA technology has been recognized by the United Nations-based organization, the International Telecommunication Union.

4G means in case of mobile signal

The fourth generation mobile technology is called 4G. This technology is also known as LTE. The full form of LTE is ‘Long Term Evolution’. 4G technology works just as fast as a WiFi connection. As a result, the Internet can be accessed with the same speed on mobile phones as on computers through 4G technology.
In addition to these symbols, you can understand the internet speed by looking at the signal bar at the top of the mobile screen. Many mobile phones also show light (gray) colors to indicate weak signals and bright (blue or green) color signals to indicate fast signals.
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