doctor sleep is the most popular Horror/Thriller which is directed by Mike Flanagan in 2019. doctor sleep novel by American writer Stephen King and the sequel to his 1977 novel The Shining.

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Luke Kersten
The explorations of alcoholism, post-traumatic stress disorder, and evil steam sucking killers somehow rounds off into being one of the most gripping, the edge of your seat, jaw-dropping horror films ever made. The expert callbacks to The Shining tie in flawlessly with the new story revolving around Danny Torrance. The acting is absolutely perfect for every character. Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, and Kyleigh Curran carry the movie with ease, maintaining its believability and true terror at the events that occur. The recreation of sequences from The Shining was stunning to say the least and the actors and actresses cast to reprise the iconic roles of Shelley Duval, Jack Nicholson, Danny Lloyd, and Scatman Crothers were downright incredible. Especially Alexandra Essoe (Wendy Torrance) and Henry Thomas (Jack Torrance) absolutely knocked it out of the park. Henry Thomas manages to do a spot on Lloyd the Bartender impression and then shifts into a Jack Torrance impression in such an amazing way while completely pulling off the look of Jack Torrance.

Mike Flanagan displays beautiful direction with many callbacks to The Shining through simple shots of doctor sleep and sets that are in direct reference to The Shining. The villain of Rose the Hat is played beautifully and her surrounding cast of the True Knot pulls off the cult vibe. Standouts in the True Knot were Emily Alyn Lind (Snakebite Andi), Zahn McClarnon (Crow Daddy), and Carel Struycken (Grandpa Flick). Abra, played by Kyleigh Curran was another amazing character, Curran is going to go a long way in the film world, she is an amazing actress. Another stand out character was Billy, played by Cliff Curtis. The Newton Brothers masterfully craft musical tones and themes from The Shining and the editing room did exactly the same with sounds and transitions from the 1980 film. Overall, doctor sleep with a fresh story combined with nostalgic callbacks to the original film, Doctor Sleep pulls off a perfect sequel to a 39-year-old classic while expanding on the lore and characters of the Shining universe Reviews for doctor sleep movie.


Anna Tole
I really, REALLY love this film. I may be slightly biased, of course: I’ve watched The Shining far too many times to count, and would include it in my top 5 favorite films of all time Reviews for doctor sleep movie I practically have doctor sleep the entire film memorized.
Now I’m ashamed to admit this, but I didn’t get around to seeing doctor sleep Sleep in theaters. I watched the trailer multiple times, and was, naturally, unbelievably excited. Unfortunately, life is busy, and I didn’t make this movie enough of a priority. Looking back, I think my subconscious was terrified that this movie would be a letdown.
When I finally did rent it, I watched it with my father who Reviews for doctor sleep movie has never seen The Shining. He and I were both completely drawn in, and when the credits rolled we enthusiastically agreed that it was a great movie. A few days later, I found myself still thinking about it. I realized that I wanted – no, needed to watch it again. So, I bought the blu ray. When my dad realized I was watching it again, he quickly joined me Reviews for doctor sleep movie with my dad, he only rewatches movies that he truly enjoys.
The credits rolled I realized that I didn’t just like this movie… I love it! My dad and I ended up watching this movie 3 times over the course of a few weeks. He still hasn’t seen The Shining, but he loves this movie. It will absolutely be one that we rewatch every year.
If you’re hesitating to watch this movie for whatever, don’t. It doesn’t try to be The Shining doctor sleep, which would’ve been a huge mistake. Instead, it is entirely its own movie. It perfectly establishes new characters, has a wonderful storyline, great cinematography… the score is heavily influenced by the original, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The pulsing, unsettling heartbeat is always present, perhaps symbolizing the fact that Dan hasn’t escaped his past.
Mike Flanagan did a fantastic job in every way. If you haven’t watched his Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, do it now. He crafts great stories, builds tension, and handles character relationships beautifully. Going into Dr. Sleep, I was delighted with his attention to character. If you’re like me, you’re very attached to these characters. Jack, Wendy, Dick, Danny… I have a lot of emotional investment with each of them. Flanagan shows respect to each of these characters, and doesn’t push them aside or mistreat them.
If you’re like me and have a deep love for the original movie, you might find yourself getting teary-eyed a few times. Dan’s story is relatable, touching, and surprisingly emotional. Ewan McGregor was, doctor sleep without a doubt, the perfect choice. He has a genuine melancholy that makes you 100% believe this is the same person that lived through the terrors of The Overlook. He portrays issues like PTSD and alcoholism beautifully. The rest of the cast is fantastic as well, and the villains are the best I’ve seen in a very long time.
This movie is fantastic, don’t let yourself miss out on it. This is a fantastic psychological horror, a worthy sequel to one of the best movies of all time.

Jason Dowdeswell
Mike Flanagan nailed it with doctor sleep – a tribute to a great book of Mr. King and a great original film SHINING helmed by legendary Stanley Kubrick. What would be considered untouchable territory for any sequel realm, doctor sleep is another audience satisfying horror film that comes with grand respect for the first film’s intimate visuals yet delivers a painful universe bending plotline that unfolds faster than your heart can beat. The amazing cast finished the art with compelling characters and a strong screen presence. This is the film I would have made if the materials were at my helm.


Todd Smith
I kept hearing this was an underrated movie, but I was still reluctant to give it a chance. The Shining was a perfect film, the idea of a sequel didn’t appeal to me in any way. However, just judging this movie on its own merit, it’s very good. Despite the scary runtime, I watched it in one sitting and it never really lost my attention. I must say though, all of The Shining movie references detracted from Doctor Sleep. One because you never want to make people think of a better movie while they’re watching yours and two it didn’t add anything to a movie you’re watching. I haven’t read either of the books, but The Shining movie was about the overlook hotel, the ghost that inhabits it along with a possible curse on the caretaker. While the Doctor Sleep movie is about those with the shining powers and people who hunt them. So, to watch a good movie world build on its own to then climax using the lure and rules of another movie just felt forced, unnecessary, and unsatisfying. It would have been much better staying in its own world and never including the overlook hotel. Also, the main child actor gave a good performance but was written too much like a Mary Sue, there are some questionable character motivations that I wish were further explored and the two main protagonists each have someone close to them die and they just casually shrug it off like someone got their fast food order wrong. Far from The Shining, but don’t sleep on this one.


Neil Lovelady
Doctor Sleep: Review
Alright, I’m somewhat surprised at the elation I feel for a director actually following a great novel’s storyline (mostly). I’ve said it before (particularly following a Stephen King adaptation in recent history). You have a great story. follow it. Stop making up extraneous plot twists (and sometimes completely different stories) that don’t add anything. Yes, I’m talking to you “It Chapter Two”…..and if you think I would even stoop to mentioning you “The Dark Tower”, you are sorely mistaken….(and horribly conceived by a cretinous ape). Doctor Sleep has a fascinating and gripping storyline, this movie makes good use of it.

The good: Acting in this film was masterful. Casting and performance by all really made this movie work. Ewan McGregor hit it out of the park, and I particularly enjoyed the actor who played Crow Daddy. The director really made these characters whole and complex. The cinematography, effects, and the score really immerse you in the story. And again, as a Stephen King nerd, I felt a lot of the most compelling parts of the book were left intact and translated wonderfully. I also found myself being surprised and effected by some elements I hardly noticed in the book. Last, of all, I just really enjoyed myself and didn’t have time to nitpick anything while I was watching.

The bad: While I understand the conundrum they faced in needing to pay homage to the Stanley Kubrick film to reach that audience. I didn’t love the rewrite at the end to incorporate it. This was slightly lightened by the fact that I saw “The Shining” as a kid before I ever read the book, and have some nostalgic memories of it. I also understand the original ending of the Doctor Sleep novel would be less sensational cinematically. That being said….kind of felt like an abrupt detour, for the purpose of dragging out those twins in the hallway a few more times. And while I admit my bias as a fan of the novels, it did seem to lose a bit of steam (somewhat unintentional reference, kind of intended) towards the conclusion.

Doctor sleep movie summary?

All in all Doctor sleep movie summary: One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while Doctor sleep movie summary. A solid representation of the original story, mixed with a bit of mostly positive additions. And to all the critics talking about the disturbing depiction of harm to children Doctor sleep movie summary travel back in time to when we were reading “Lolita” in school and remember Doctor sleep movie summary you’re supposed to be disturbed, otherwise, you wouldn’t get anything from the experience.