Trick learn tried to get the professional words list of doctor what the doctor use in the prescription. For every people, we made this to be careful to know about this to make understand easily.

Rx = Treatment.
Hx = History
Dx = Diagnosis
q = Every
qd = Every day
qod = Every other day
qh = Every Hour
S = without
SS = On e half
C = With
SOS = If needed
AC = Before Meals
PC = After meals
BID = Twice a Day
TID = Thrice a Day
QID = Four times a day
OD = Once a Day
BT = Bed Time
hs = Bed Time
BBF = Before Breakfast
BD = Before Dinner
Tw = Twice a week
SQ = sub cutaneous
IM = Intramuscular . .
ID = Intradermal
IV = Intravenous
QAM = every morning
QPM =every night
Q4H = every 4 hours
QOD = every other day
HS = at bedtime
PRN = as needed
AC = before meals
PC = after meals
Mg = milligrams
Mcg/ug = micrograms
G or Gm = grams
1TSF ( Teaspoon) = 5 ml
1 Tablespoonful =15ml

Medical Acronyms from the Lab, Decoded

Your blood test results may contain abbreviations for some important components. Here’s what they mean:

Immune Function:
W.B.C.: White Blood Cell count (infection fighters)

Prostate Health:
P.S.A.: Prostate-Specific Antigen (prostate cancer marker)

Energy Levels:
R.B.C.: Red Blood Cell count (oxygen transporters)

M.C.V.: Mean Corpuscular Volume (size of average red blood cell, gauge of anemia)

M.C.H.: Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (amount of hemoglobin in red blood cell, gauge of anemia)

Heart Disease:
H.D.L.: High-Density Lipoprotein (good cholesterol)

L.D.L.: Low-Density Lipo- protein (bad cholesterol)

V.L.D.L.: Very-Low- Density Lipoprotein (very bad cholesterol)

apo B: apolipoprotein B (heart-disease marker)

C.R.P.: C-Reactive Protein (measure of arterial inflammation)

Liver and Kidney Disease:
G.G.T.: Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase (liver-disease marker)

A.L.T.: Alanine Transaminase (liver-disease marker, can also appear as S.G.P.T.)

B.U.N.:Blood Urea Nitrogen (gauge of kidney function)

Extreme Medical Acronyms, Decoded

Sometimes shortcuts are an easier way of noting that something really bad is either about to happen—or already has.

A.V.: Anticipatory Vomiting

P&E: Prep & Enema

B.T.H.O.O.M.: Beats The Hell Out Of Me

G.O.K.: God Only Knows

F.U.O.: Fever of Undetermined Origin

C.Y.A.: Cover Your Ass (there’s been a screw-up)

U.F.O.: Unidentified Foreign Object

N.W.S.: New World Screwworm (parasitic infection)

A.N.D.: Allow Natural Death

M.D.T.: Maggot Debridement Therapy (use of fly larvae to clean wounds)

M.F.C.: Measure For Coffin

D.R.T.: Dead Right There (at scene of accident)

D.R.T.T.T.: Dead Right There, There, and There (at scene of accident, in multiple parts)

Emergency Medical Acronyms, Decoded

If you’ve ever been in a hospital and heard a code announced over the loudspeaker that sent the staff scampering, you’ve probably wondered what was going on. Now you know:

BLUE: Adult medical emergency

WHITE: Pediatric medical emergency

PURPLE: Child abduction

GRAY: Combative person

SILVER: Combative person with a weapon and/or hostage

YELLOW: Bomb threat

PINK: Infant abduction

ORANGE: Hazardous-materials spill

BROWN: Bed full of excrement

RED: Fire