4026 public university teachers on leave Such a report has been published in Jugantar newspaper. The way the report came out, it was clear that it was not positive news for reporters and the general public. In our country’s universities, only those who have a master’s degree will be given priority in recruitment, and they will not be angry if they go abroad for higher education with educational leave. Rather, teachers are recruited in this manner at a higher rate
Teachers should report why they are not going to do PhD and post-dock on leave. Now listen why it is not going.
When a Masters pass student is hired as a lecturer, it may be against a permanent position or it may be against a temporary position. If he is appointed against the permanent post, he will not be able to go abroad to do PhD before the next 1 year. And if it is the opposite of a temporary position, then as long as the position is not permanent, you will not go out for higher education. But the best time to start working PhD from the day after passing the Masters. Then as the days go by, it is bad for him and the organization. We want to then let the service direction at the university before getting hired as a lecturer. But if you start giving service after doing PhD first, that service would be of better quality. Our authority or we are big bad. We see the holiday only as a personal benefit to that teacher. But if he does PhD and gives service, the organization will benefit.
I see more problems here. He got involved in politics soon after he was appointed. Then he did not do PhD again but after three years he got promotion as an assistant professor. So nowadays many people are more interested in going to do PhD after becoming an assistant professor because the amount of salary they will get while on education leave is quite high. Some go beyond another step to pursue a PhD after becoming an associate professor. But in the meanwhile a lot of water flowed through Buriganga. The ebb in his studies goes later. He got involved in politics and started getting positions in the meantime. As a result, they once became the burden of the university.
The easiest way to get rid of this is to give priority to PhD students in direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Professor. If necessary, those who have more than one post-doc experience should be appointed as a direct associate professor and even if there is an exceptional person, he should be appointed as a direct professor. This will start brain gain instead of brain drain. That means our children who are doing well abroad will be encouraged to return to the country. The risk of not getting a job back in the country must be reduced. Only then will the shortage of quality teachers in the country’s universities be reduced. Even in our colleges, we should make arrangements for the appointment of assistant or associate professors directly. This will also reduce the shortage of good teachers in the college.

Written: Kamrul Hassan Mamun